US Bika Training Workshop

Bika core developers Campbell McKellar-Basset (Bika Lab Systems, Cape Town) Jordi Puiggené (Naralabs, Barcelona) and Michael Williams from Limelyte Technology Group (USA) are training users and coders in 2nd week of November, Spokane WA.

The workshop is intended to provide technical training for both existing and prospective Bika users. It will cover the fundamentals of setting up, configuring and getting started with Bika LIMS and continue into specific discussions revolving around workflow creation, instrument integration and report customization. The optional second day workshop is intended for those working on specific issues within their laboratory environment. The team members will provide direct guidance on these pre-submitted issues as well as hypothetical lab scenarios that are commonly seen within the Bika Community.

Among those presenting and coaching will be be Bika core developers Jordi Puiggené from Naralabs (Spain), Campbell McKellar from Bika Ltd (South Africa) and Michael Williams from Limelyte Technology Group (USA).

Prior to the conference, all registrants will receive an email with information about other events surrounding the event as well as instructions for submitting discussion and workshop topics.