We actively contribute to the SENAITE Open Source LIMS in software design and development. We also offer technical support to the community of users and developers. Senaite is an Open Source solution that offers the flexibility we need to easily adapt a LIMS to the laboratories requirements.


SENAITE is the brand for a group of Open Source solutions and the community supporting it. SENAITE includes the development of open source web-based LIMS applications and extensions, each towards different types of laboratories.


Senaite LIMS

An Open Source and Web based Laboratory Information Management System for enterprise environments.

A web-based Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for enterprise environments, especially focused to behave with excellent performance and stability. It currently ships with an integrated JSON API and has a user-friendly UI.

What's included


SENAITE is developed as a system of independent add-ons. This, combined with high quality code standards, makes the application much easier to maintain and to contribute to. Furthermore, it allows SENAITE to stay level with emerging laboratory requirements. To help in achieving so, SENAITE solutions are developed under the paradigm of continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD).

Active community

An ecosystem formed by an enthusiastic user community, developers, clients, sponsors and professional service providers. Participants work towards their own goals, benefiting all.

Active development

Very high activity and monthly releases. Well established, mature co debase with a large development team with stable commits following quality control guidelines.

For further information, you can check the SENAITE webpage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Open Source?

An Open Source LIMS provides many competitive advantages. First, it is easy to customize for any need. Furthermore, it allows responding to specific customer needs and to save licensing costs. Customers benefit from improvements, help and support from SENAITE Open Source community members. Open Source software provides unrestricted access to the program source code. This means that clients can modify the application at will, without acquisition costs, restrictions or conditions. The continued development by the community, discussion about new functionalities, debates about technologies or new needs by users ensure a high quality product with a fast growth and constant improving. Both customers and the community benefits from each other.

Isn't SENAITE free?

Yes, Senaite is free software and free of charge, but SENAITE professional services aren't free.

Why should I pay for open source software?

If you need Enterprise-Grade Support, you will have to hire support services from a professional service provider. If you don't have an IT infrastructure or you do not want to assume the expenses of an IT infrastructure, you will have to buy a professional cloud service. If you need customization or adaptions, you will have to hire a development services. Basically, you should take advantage of professional products to save time, money and problems.

Why to choose a service provider?

Official service providers are the companies that have SENAITE core developers. These companies know deeply how the whole system works, from a functional and technical point of view, and which are the best system configurations to obtain the most of SENAITE LIMS.

Why to choose Naralabs?

Naralabs supports and develops SENAITE open source project and is in a better position to provide professional services. We are strong in both sides: technological and functional. Naralabs provides consultancy, implementation, operation, maintenance and support services on SENAITE LIMS for businesses and government agencies. Our project management and implementation methodologies are based on the guidelines and best practices contained in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK) and on Agile Software Development methodology. The mission of Naralabs is to bring high quality products and cutting-edge free software technologies to its clients, enabling them to adapt to the market changes and regulations.

What format is the Senaite database?

Senaite uses the ZODB object database to store its data, a native object database for Python. The ZODB stores any Python object with any attributes (there is no need to write database schema or table descriptions as there is with SQL-based systems). Since the database stores objects, and the objects are defined in Python code, you always need the corresponding Python source code to instantiate the objects stored inside the ZODB. Hence, the ZODB database is not usable without the Python source code used to create the data.

The data stored in ZODB is not readable using any SQL-based tools, and there exist little tools to deal with the raw data. The way to access to data is by running Senaite itself and performing queries through it.

ZODB - a native object database for Python