We actively contribute to the SENAITE Open Source LIMS project, both in software design and development tasks, and we also offer technical support to the community of users and developers.


SENAITE is an Open Source project that comprehends a family of various applications, extensions and other independent add-ons that combined, allow to build a LIMS / LIS system tailored to the needs of any laboratory. This modular approach, com with high quality code standards, makes the application much easier to maintain and to contribute to. Furthermore, it allows SENAITE to stay level with emerging laboratory requirements. To help in achieving so, SENAITE solutions are developed under the paradigm of continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD).

Further information:

Why an Open Source LIMS?

An Open Source LIMS provides a competitive advantage over proprietary LIMS because we can respond to specific customer needs while saving licensing costs. Customers benefit from improvements and other developments made by the SENAITE Open Source community.

Open Source software provides unrestricted access to the program source code. Thus, clients can modify the application at will, without acquisition costs, restrictions or conditions. The continued development by the community, duscussions about new functionalities, debats about technologies or new user requirements, ensure a high quality product with fast and constant growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SENAITE free?

Yes, SENAITE's family of products are licensed under the General Public License V2 (GPL) that ensures you can download, install, use, and modify the Software at no cost.

However, SENAITE professional services and support offered by Naralabs is not free.

Why should I pay for Open Source software?

You want to find the most cost effective solution for running your system but you really don’t want to invest in learning the product codebase, fixing defects, and validating the security/stability/performance. You would much rather spend your time delivering value to your customers.

The following are some reasons why you would want to pay for your open source software:

  • Enterprise-Grade Support
  • Predictable costs
  • Predictable Lifecycles
  • Extra functionalities and customizations
  • Integrated hardware and software solution

Paying for open source will make you save time and money, but you will also get the benefit of tested and stable products, with rapid bugs fixes and predictable lifecycles. By paying a subscription you get the same experience as you do with proprietary software but for far less money.

Why to choose a SENAITE's professional service provider?

SENAITE's professional service providers are companies that actively contribute to the development of SENAITE. These companies have a deep knowledge about how the whole system works, from both a functional and technical point of view, and which are the best system configuration to get the most of the software.

Why to choose Naralabs?

Naralabs supports and invests in the development of Senaite. We are strong on both sides: technological and functional. Naralabs offers consulting services, implementation, operations, maintenance and support for SENAITE LIMS. We target both companies and government agencies. We are committed to bringing high quality and cutting edge Open Source products to our clients, which allows us to adapt to changes and market regulations.