About us

Naralabs is a company specialized in SENAITE Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). It offers engineering and professional technology services such as consulting, implementation, training, system maintenance and technical support.

SENAITE Service Provider

Naralabs observes, and is committed with, the Professional Open Source (POSS) business model. We are a SENAITE service provider using a Professional Open Source (POSS) business model adopted by many successful software organizations. We actively participate in the SENAITE project both in software design and in development tasks.

At Naralabs, we partner with you to successfully meet your unique needs. Our experienced team has domain expertise in all project's life-cycle: consultancy, requirements analysis, design, customization and development, project management, quality control, documentation, systems integration, administration, hosting, training and support.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a technological and operational partner by providing a multidisciplinary vision and empowering our clients with the knowledge, skills and tools to improve, optimize and automate their processes.

Our Vision

Consolidate Open Source technology as an essential component within the strategies to improve efficiency, quality and data management in the field of laboratories.

Our Values

  • Flexibility - We know that lab needs and requirements continuously evolve. We are committed to keep this in mind and deliver results that are aimed to solve long-term problems but without endangering the ability to change.
  • Agility - Although we give estimates and project plans for the future we avoid long term delivery. Regular increments and clients' feedback are key elements to avoid missteps. We prioritize development based on Agile methodologies so that clients participate actively and don't miss a thing, week by week.
  • Confidence - We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning.
  • Flexibility - We are flexible towards our clients needs. We believe that flexibility and freedom are the keys to talent, that leads to success.
  • Proximity - We believe that constant communication with our clients and their feedback are key elements to avoid missteps and improve our services. Hence, we provide them with tools to contact and communicate directly with us (Team Collaboration Tool, ITS, phone, e-mail,...).
  • Independence - We offer technologies not bound to other entities. What you will have is only yours.
  • Quality - We are committed to quality, striving for excellence in every project regardless of size, budget or time line. We follow the recommended guidelines for project management, programming languages and frameworks, regulations, etc. We create a documented history of each project and its changes so that future management and maintenance is easier.