About us

Naralabs is a company specialized in SENAITE Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). It offers engineering and professional technology services such as consulting, implementation, training, system maintenance and technical support.

SENAITE Service Providers

We actively contribute in the SENAITE project in both software design and development. Senaite is the tool that we implement to optimize and automate your laboratory.

Because our deep knowledge about this LIMS we take care of all projects life-cycle: consultancy, requirements analysis, design, customization and development, documentation and systems integration.

We offer first quality technical trainings for your LIMS maintenance and development as part of knowledge transfer.

Our Vision

is to consolidate Open Source Software as an essential component within the strategies for improving the efficiency, innovation and quality in laboratories.

We believe the best way to fuel innovation is to give the innovators the technology they need.

Our Mission

is to empower laboratories with the knowledge, skills and tools to improve, optimize and automate their processes.

We are not only accomplished professional service providers, but also passionate engineers, able to speak same language with both Laboratory personnel and IT department: we act as the catalyst to make the implementation of the LIMS/LIS in your organization a success.