Barcelona Bika LIMS / Bika Health Workshop, 23-25 October 2017

The 2017 Barcelona Bika Workshop is an event hosted by Bika LIMS OS Collective that caters to Bika LIMS / Bika Health users and enthusiasts, as well as customers and prospective clients. The workshop will be held from 23 to 25 of October.

The 3 days workshop is intended to provide functional and technical training for both existing and prospective Bika users. It will cover the fundamentals of setting up, configuring and getting started with Bika LIMS and continue into specific discussions revolving around the myriad of functionalities the system provides and others to come within the following months. For those participants interested on the technical side, guided sessions with Bika core developers around database architecture, workflows, instrument integration, customizations and deployments will take place too.

The third day of the workshop is intended for those working on specific issues within their laboratory environment (either functional or technical) and/or for those not yet familiar with Bika but interested in the discussion of requirements and particular use cases. Bika team members will provide direct guidance on the issues raised by the participants as well as on hypothetical lab scenarios that are commonly seen within the Bika Community.

The workshop will be carried on under the guidance and coaching of Bika core developers and analysts Campbell McKellar-Basset, Nihad Mammadli, Pau Soliva and Jordi Puiggené.

Who Should Attend

All Bika customers and prospective users looking for deeper insights on Bika LIMS and ideas for optimizing their laboratory-specific processes. If you're on the fence about Bika LIMS, this event is a helpful way to gauge its uses for your laboratory and ask Bika specialists about any functional or technical aspect you consider a turnkey for the success on its adoption. Current customers will learn about new functionalities and strategies to get the most out of the system, with the guidance of knowledgeable specialists.

Workshop Overview

Oct.23, 2017

  • Reception and welcome
  • Getting started with Bika. Functional walk-through
  • Fundamentals of setting up and configuring the system
  • Breakfast, lunch
  • Advice from Bika experts

Oct.24, 2017

  • Use-cases and discipline-specific configurations
  • Key-functionalities and hidden gems
  • Functional and technical tips to get the most out of Bika
  • Breakfast, lunch
  • Advice from Bika experts

Oct.25, 2017

  • Roadmap for the future of Bika
  • Discussions and advice about particular scenarios and issues
  • Deeper insights on the technical side
  • Breakfast, lunch
  • Advice from Bika experts

Price and Accommodation

The price is 2,500 EUR for the whole Workshop, with hotel accommodation in Barcelona city on a half board base (breakfast and lunch) included.


Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city and is one of the most important tourist destinations in Europe, with millions of visits every year. The city is well known for its 19th century modernist architecture. Sagrada Familia unfinished church, designed by Antonio Gaudí, is one of the best examples of modernist architecture. Barcelona is a vibrant city that will captivate you at first sight.