The SENAITE BUNDLE is delivered ready for production use alongside an entire ecosystem to monitor and guarantee its correct operation. During its creation, technical considerations are taken regarding its configuration to guarantee the maximum performance, security, scalability and reliability of the system. This solution is designed to cover any type of need quickly and effectively.

For whom is this product intended?

For laboratories that want to install a LIMS in their facilities efficiently from the very beginning without going through an implementation project




Quickly deploy Senaite LIMS or Senaite Health in your laboratory.

3,270 EUR

What's included

  • Mail server integration
  • SSL Secure connection
  • No additional costs on third-party licenses
  • Independent of host Operating System
  • Munin monitoring
  • Backup/restore procedures
  • 365 days managed code repository and issue tracker

SENAITE is an enterprise software and therefore, for best performance in production environments, knowledge in IT is strongly recommended. With this solution you do not have to worry about monitoring your ZEO Clients, keeping your database healthy, the backup policies, etc. We put our expertise and knowledge into this pre-configured  SENAITE bundle so you save time and money.

Other related services

If you want to go one step further, you might consider hiring training and support and maintenance services.

We also offer implementation services and a wide range of post-installation services: development projects, custom reports, instrument interfaces, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this service deprive me of being able to customize the system in the future?

No, we always install the software taking into account that you may need custom features in the future, whether reports, instrument interfaces or any other type of custom-made development.