LIMS Engineering & Consulting

We help you to better manage information with comprehensive laboratory advice
We respond to real, specific lab needs, not perceived needs
Customized LIMS projects tailored to meet the unique needs of your lab
A LIMS is a living system that must evolve together with the laboratory over time
We actively contribute to the development of Open Source Software


Professional LIMS Service Providers

We take care of your complete LIMS implementation life cycle from its conception to final customization, covering all the critical milestones required for a successful deployment of a LIMS system: requirement gathering at initial point of contact, assessment of your lab's unique characteristics, technical and functional system maintenance as well as accomplishing an exhaustive process analysis, design, development and system configuration.


Integrated services to help hiring, implementing and improving management systems, leading to increased overall efficiency and productivity


Highly specialized implementation and customization of lab-oriented software and LIMS, with Agile and flexible development


Training, workshops and practice sessions with our multidisciplinary team of experts and contributors in Laboratory Management Systems


Oen source web-based LIMS applications, each geared towards different types of laboratories