Bika Health

An Open Source Web based Laboratory Information Management System suitable for Health Care Laboratories

Focused on patient and clinical case

Bika Health is the flavour of Bika LIMS designed specifically for clinical-type laboratories, where the patient samples are the central element in the lab workflow, as well as the integration with Electronical Medical Record (EMR) systems.

No licensing costs

Bika Health doesn't require external databases and is independent of infraestructure. On OSS, no web server, database or operating system license fees needed. In Windows servers, only the operating system license cost.


We respond to real, specific lab needs, not perceived needs. Users and Labs can request new functionalities for free. Users and Labs can request new functionalities for free.



Connect business management software to Bika LIMS. Bika Open Source LIMS includes plone.jsonapi for reading, updating, and creating and deleting objects remotely. The JSON API is also used for implementing alternative interfaces.

Robust and Secure

Built in Plone, used by many commercial and scientific groups, trusted by governments and security organisations. Bika LIMS benefits from Plone's role based security, workflows and audit trails, object version control, live search functionality and integrated alerts.

Active development

Very high activity, more than 7,500 commits made by more than 35 contributors representing more than 740,000 lines of code. Well established, mature codebase with a large development team with stable commits.

Blackduck Open HUB, 1 October 2014.

Active community

An ecosystem formed by an enthusiastic user community, developers, clients and sponsors, deployers and professional service providers. Participants work towards their own goals, benefiting all.

Want to play?

Things are better understood once you have experienced them first hand. Request free access to our demonstration server and try it now!

Bika Health Benefits

  • Real-time analysis tracking
  • Shorten turn-around
  • Increase lab capacity
  • Eliminate human error
  • Improve accuracy and certainty
  • Data at your finger prints
  • Reduced administration and maintenance
  • Easy accreditation
  • Enhanced quality control
  • ISO 17025 ready
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Free public license
  • Unlimited users
  • No license fees
  • Customised to requirement
  • Easy installation
  • No desktop disruption
  • No on-site technicians required
  • Robust industry-standard Linux
  • State of the art security
  • Easy to use
  • Web based
  • Multilingual
  • Central Web portal management
  • Document version control
  • Easy browser based editing of training material, SOPs, promotions, news and events
  • Professional support
  • No vendor lock-in
  • Dynamic Open Source community

Bika Health Features

Health Care

  • Patients, cases, doctors & referring institutions
  • Medical history, treatments, immunizations, allergies and travel
  • Publish results to referring institutions, doctors and patients as applicable
  • Life threat alerts
  • ICD Symptom and disease classification
  • Patient privacy
  • CLIA and EMR ready
  • Patient history graphs


  • Batching per project or case
  • Sample partitioning and storage
  • Analysis prioritisation
  • Analysis statuses: sampled, preserved, received, assigned, cancelled, retracted, to be verified, verified, invalid and published
  • Pending task alerts
  • Results invalidation and retesting workflow

Security policies

  • Different user roles: Client contact, lab clerk, sampler, preserver, analyst, verifier, publisher, lab manager, regulatory inspector and system administrator

User interfaces

  • Web based, multilingual browser access
  • Results by email, PDF
  • Powerful live search engine


  • Instrument interfaces
  • Barcode printing and scanning
  • LDAP auth support
  • Bulk analysis request imports
  • Templates for sampling rounds, analysis profiles and requests, worksheets and reference specifications
  • Preservation and container automation
  • Configurable calculations and worksheet adjustment factors

Total Quality Management

  • Method, analysis and instrument integrity
  • Reference standards and specifications
  • Instrument calibration certificates, maintenance
  • Product specifications
  • Out of range alerts
  • QC Reports and graphs
  • Logs and audit trails

Keep track

Follow features and improvement requests logged by the community at the JIRA issue tracker.

Bug reports are particularly appreciated and contribute much to the rapid maturation turnaround.


Technical support and assistance offered free of charge by volunteers.

If you want professional assistance, Naralabs is a certified professional Bika services provider: contact us!.