We actively contribute to the development of Open Source Software. As a result, you will have complete control of your system

Commitment regarding open source software

At Naralabs we actively participate in the Bika LIMSproject, both in software design and development tasks, and also to offer technical support to the community of users and developers.

The Bika LIMS project includes the development of various open source web-based LIMS applications, each geared towards different types of laboratories: Bika LIMS, Bika Health, Bika Epid and Bika Wine. As a result of this commitment, Naralabs partners Bika LIMS and maintains a close strategic partnership with Bika Lab Systems

Why an Open Source LIMS?

An Open Source LIMS provides a competitive advantage over proprietary LIMS because we can focus all efforts and resources to implement custom-made LIMS, respond to specific customer needs, as well as saving licensing costs. In addition, customers benefit from improvements and other developments made world-wide by the Bika Open Source community.

The main point of Open Source software is providing open and unrestricted access to the program code. This means that clients can modify the application at will, without having to engage the services of any provider. And if you want to hire a service provider, you are free to entrust the maintenance or development to any of them without vendor lock-in.

The continued development by the community, the sponsorship of new functionality by customers and the debate generated by the users on distribution lists, ensure a high quality product with a constant growth in new features and enhancements. The customer and community benefits from these improvements and new features without additional costs, with the ability to communicate freely and make proposals and feature requests to a worldwide community that grows every day.

The Bika LIMS project

Bika LIMS is a high quality product that leverages the power and technical simplicity of the Python programming language and the versatility and security provided by Plone. Bika LIMS has been successfully implemented in many laboratories around the world.