Specialized training

Training sessions for labs. We train your team in functional and technical areas


Are you aware of why it's important to manage your lab's data?

Detailed knowledge of all the factors involved in a productive process, as well as the ability to apply corrective, preventive and improvement measures are, nowadays, decisive elements, not only for the lab improvement of efficiency and productivity, but also for correctly assuring and controlling quality (QA/QC), complying to Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and current regulations depending on the type of service or product offered by the lab.


Did you just implemented a LIMS and aren't sure where to start?

LIMS configuration, parameterization and maintenance aren't easy tasks and takes time to understand its functionalities and the possibilities it has to offer. There are different ways to start a new process, but you must know them all to know which one is optimal.

We help you fully understand your LIMS so that you can get the most out of it as soon as possible.


Do you have your own IT team, but it seems that you speak different languages?

We know communication and understanding between IT and the lab staff is often sluggish and full of misunderstandings. Computer engineering and science and theoretical disciplines often have their differences.

We speak both languages and offer you formative sessions for both disciplines.


What do we offer?

Training and practice sessions with our multidisciplinary team of experts and contributors in laboratory management systems.


  • Specialized training in LIMS
  • User training in management systems
  • Formative sessions for technicians in computer maintenance
  • Formative sessions for software developers

Contract options

Training sessions for users and lab managers

Training for small groups of lab technicians, analysts or managers.

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Training for IT personnel

IT personnel training for companies, oriented towards technical maintenance of laboratory management systems.

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Training for developers

Specialized training for Open Source software development specifically orientated towards labs.

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