LIMS maintenance

We keep your lab systems energized. Our goal is to not let your systems left behind and improve them day by day


We consider LIMS as continuously evolving and consequently, its maintenance as absolutely critical to laboratory needs

Certain activities, such as the introduction of new protocols, the purchase of new equipment or simply the upgrading of computers, can cause headaches and a substantial reduction in the productivity of the laboratory due to lack of planning and/or technical preparedness.

At Naralabs we offer maintenance services for your LIMS. If you contracted implementation services, it is always performed by the same team, ensuring maximum efficiency and flexibility in problem solving and implementation of improvements and customizations..


Customizations and improvements

The LIMS is a living system that evolves with the laboratory over time. Certain tasks, such a the incorporation of new analyses, access policy changes or new protocols, also require system customizations to fit the new requirements.

We'll advise you on what actions to consider and on the best way to carry them out. The personalised advice could be in response to critical situations and we offer it included in maintenance contracts. You don't have to worry about what is not under your own control.


Upgrades and migrations

Upgrading the system is a critical process. We analyse whether the new system functions suit your needs, in addition to making decisions based on the benefits of the new features and costs of amendments.

If the update fits well to the system already in place in the laboratory, or provides new features that will improve productivity, and the post-update modification costs are within the expected economic margin, we take care to do the migration process at no additional cost.


Technical support

Any incident or problem detected in your LIMS is top priority for us. We offer technical support by phone during business hours (UTC/GMT +1 hour) or by e-mail.

What do we offer?

Highly specialized maintenance services for laboratory information management systems, including customizations and specific improvements, as well as advice on upgrades and migrations.


  • Training sessions
  • Ad hoc customizations and improvements
  • Corrective and preventive actions
  • Minor upgrades
  • Data migrations
  • Backup policies
  • Technical support

Contract options

Pre-paid support contract

The easiest way to start. Contract the number of hours you need at a fixed rate, without a long term commitment.

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Subscription contract

If you require long term service, we offer a contract with fixed monthly rates, based on the amount of hours that best fit your needs. Possibility to distribute the amount of hours within the contract period. With monthly follow-ups and quarterly reviews and updates.

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