LIMS implementation & development

Highly specialized LIMS implementation with agile and flexible development. Because every lab is different, and unique


We implement LIMS while also adapting to your needs

We are experts in lab management systems and also know that your lab is different from others: you need specific functionalities when registering samples, you have your own internal processes, you have different departments with different analyses and SOPs, you want to report in your way, you have to integrate data with your management systems, you have to control containers and storage, ...

We do what is needed to make sure your LIMS works how you imagine.


Agile development with weekly follow-up

Although we give estimates and project plans for the future, we avoid long term delivery. Regular increments and your feedback are key elements to avoid missteps. That is the reason why we prioritize development based on agile methodologies, so that you participate actively and don't miss a thing, week by week.


Multilingual developers

We are experienced in multiple modern programming and markup languages, such as Python, PHP, Java, C#, ASP.NET, VB, Javascript, D3js, XML, HTML or CSS. Not only in programming languages, but also in databases such as ZODB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server or SQLite, amongst others. We adapt to the technology you need, with ease.


Quality code and under control

We follow the recommended guidelines for each programming language and frameworks we use and keep record of modifications, additions or deletions from the source code, no matter how small is. We also record the exact modification time, comments and the developer responsible of the work. This way we create a documented history of each change and project so that future maintenance is easier.


The code is yours, from day one

Not only do we believe in a business model based on professional open-source services, but we also actively participate from the first day. If your project doesn't adhere to the open-source model, don't fret: the code we develop is yours and you may ask for it whenever you want, we will never ask why.

What do we offer?

A multidisciplinary team, with sciences and IT engineering backgrounds and experts in lab-oriented software.

We implement, adapt and integrate LIMS to the needs of your company, following a methodology based on a constant and fluid communication with managers and key-personnel from your lab.

implementation + development

  • Implementation, configuration and customization of LIMS
  • Integration with corporate systems and applications
  • Analysis, design and development to fit your needs
  • Development based on agile methodologies
  • Planning and weekly follow-up of the project
  • Multi-technology and multi-platform
  • Multidisciplinary team
  • Data mining, extraction and analysis
  • Quality and documented history of source code
  • Accessible code and documentation, no vendor lock-in

Contract options

Pre-paid support contract

The easiest way to start. Contract the number of hours you need at a fixed rate, without a long term commitment.

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Bika products installation

Naralabs is a certified company for the provision of Bika LIMS professional services. Our team actively participates in the analysis, design and development of the project.

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Subscription contract

If you require long term service, we offer a contract with fixed monthly rates, based on the amount of hours that best fit your needs. Possibility to distribute the amount of hours within the contract period. With monthly follow-ups and quarterly reviews and updates.

Includes the following services:

  • Implementation: customizations, development of new functionalities, adaptations and/or system readjustments.
  • Maintenance: corrective and preventive actions. Backup policies and minor updates.
  • Technical support: question solving, remote technical assistance and follow-up preventive control system.
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