Consultancy & Engineering

Improve your lab management with our consulting and engineering services in operations and technology


Do you know what your lab’s administrative needs are?

Tell us about the way your lab works and we'll deliver an accurate analysis so as to optimize processes and ensure efficient management while complying to current regulations.

Do your current systems meet your requirements?

If you have a process and information management system or a LIMS, we look at the strengths and weaknesses and evaluate how well it meets your lab's needs. We analyze the system in all of its areas and propose corrective, contingency, continuity and improvement actions. We also advise you during the procurement process for a new system or during the execution of suggested actions.

Do you know how to migrate your system's data or integrate it into other corporate solutions?

Have you ever had to recover data from your LIMS, put it into another system or integrate it with other computer systems (ERP, CRM…)? We know that unfortunately, it isn't as easy as it sounds. We help you to define the data model, establish access protocols, develop automated homogenization routines, plan migrations and study integration processes and synchronization with other corporate systems.

Are you making a profit out of your systems?

We are specialists in data mining. We can help you make profit using dashboards and decision making support so as to reduce risks, optimize and improve the overall efficiency of your lab or business.

What do we offer?

A professional, integrated service for businesses and government agencies, which includes consultancy and engineering services to help hiring, implementing and improving your management systems, leading to increased overall efficiency and productivity of your laboratory.

consultancy + engineering

  • Process engineering
  • Elaboration of strategic plans
  • Migration and implementation plans
  • Planning of integrations with corporative applications
  • Data analysis and modeling
  • Definition and implementation of backup, contingency and continuity policies
  • Regulation compliance
  • Market studies
  • Specialised key investigation: audits and situation analysis
  • Support in the elaboration of operational and technical specifications
  • Regulatory support

Contract options

Pre-paid support contract

The easiest way to start. Contract the number of hours you need at a fixed rate, without a long term commitment.

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Subscription contract

If you require long term service, we offer a contract with fixed monthly rates, based on the amount of hours that best fit your needs. Possibility to distribute the amount of hours within the contract period. With monthly follow-ups and quarterly reviews and updates.

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