Python developer

Naralabs is looking to hire a Python developer

Naralabs is a small, but innovative company located in the city of Sant Cugat del Vallès, near Barcelona. We offer professional software services to laboratories, such as consultancy and engineering, that are aimed to streamline their workflow.

To achieve this goal, we provide SENAITE LIMS, an Open Source software we design, develop and maintain together with Riding Bytes, a Germany-based company.

Our clients are located worldwide, hence fluency in English is paramount.

We are seeking for a developer willing to work collaboratively with our partners and clients, while also striving to deliver service beyond their expectations.

How we work

Working on Open Source software, while this being publicly available, is part of our daily work. Thus, besides making and extensive use of git and Github, we have several development and delivery policies in place that are aimed to guarantee our work is trustable and of the best quality. Peer-review of Pull Requests, documentation and doctests are part of these policies. We follow Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) practices too.

We do not like waterfall strategy. Rather, our clients are actively involved in the project from day one and expect from us to deliver increments on a regular basis. Therefore, we don’t use e-mail, but Github’s project management and ticketing system.

Your mission

  • To create new features or customizations based on the client’s requirements. These tasks can range from simple and recurrent tasks to complex and novel functionalities.

    Functionalities required by a client might eventually become a contribution to the SENAITE’s main source code, or be delivered as a new public package/add-on. Therefore, well-structured, reliable, documented and maintainable code is required all time. Your work will be publicly available and signed by you.

  • Maintaining and helping clients with their SENAITE installation and IT infrastructure. We deploy SENAITE, together with a stack of applications for enterprise usage. You will have to give them support on maintaining and monitoring these deployments.

  • Knowledge transfer to empower clients is keystone for us. You will have to be proactive and patient with the client’s IT personnel, giving them advice and help to improve their skills regarding SENAITE’s ecosystem and development.

  • Research and analyze the root cause of technical issues that might arise and solve them in an effective and permanent manner.

  • We’d also love you to contribute with new ideas about how to improve the services we offer to our clients, based on your experience and their feedback as well.

Side works

  • Contribute to the migration of SENAITE codebase from Python 2.7 to Python 3
  • Explore new technologies and tools to enhance SENAITE.

Required human skills

  • Have substantial and recent programming experience in object-oriented languages
  • Wish to spend most of your time developing
  • Wish to publicly contribute to an Open Source project
  • Able to seek out the information others need to solve issues
  • Able to help others to get the most of SENAITE
  • Some of our projects are for health institutions: interest in global health is also valuable

Required technical skills

  • Proficient with Python, with more than 3 years of experience
  • Fluent in Debian-like servers and in terminal-based Linux software
  • Familiar with CoffeeScript, JavaScript, ReactJS, Bootstrap, Webpack
  • Familiar with tools like Ansible, Haproxy, Nginx, etc.

Bonus skills

  • Experience with Plone, Zope and ZODB
  • Experience with Linux servers administration
  • Experience with Virtual appliances and Hypervisors

What we offer

  • Remote working. After an initial training period, option to work from home
  • Flexible schedule. We advocate for a professional flexible working schedule whenever possible
  • To work on an Open Source project at international level. SENAITE is used by many institutions and companies worldwide, and you will be part of it. Also, your code will be publicly available and your work recognized.
  • Gross salary: 32.000€/year (can be negotiated depending on your skills)
  • Lenovo Thinkpad X laptop
  • Be part of a team where engineering talent is highly valued

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If you feel this could be your place,  contact us!