An Open Source and Web based Laboratory Information Management System for enterprise environments

SENAITE is an Open Source and Web-based Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for enterprise environments, especially focused to behave with excellent performance and stability. It currently ships with an integrated JSON API, has a user friendly GUI and provides rich UI components. It is a derivative work of Bika LIMS software, built on top of Plone CMS with Python as its main programming language.




Robust and Secure

SENAITE LIMS is a high quality product that leverages the power and technical simplicity of Python programming language and the versatility and safety provided by Plone.

It is a robust LIMS that can be adapted and implemented in any laboratory, from those of small size to large research and clinic laboratories

SENAITE LIMS benefits from Plone's role based security, workflows and audit trails, object version control, live search functionality and integrated alerts.

No licensing costs

SENAITE LIMS does not require external databases and is independent of infrastructure. On OSS, no web server, database or operating system license feeds needed. In Windows servers, only the operating system license cost.


Connect business management software to SENAITE LIMS. Includes plone.jsonapi for reading, updating, creating and deleting objects remotely. The JSON API can also be used for implementing alternative interfaces.







  • Batching per project or case
  • Sample partitioning and storage
  • Analysis prioritisation
  • Analysis statuses: sampled, preserved, received, assigned, canceled, retracted, to be verified, verified, invalid and published
  • Pending task alerts
  • Results invalidation and retesting workflow

Security policies

  • Different user roles: Client contact, lab clerk, sampler, preserver, analyst, verifier, publisher, lab manager, regulatory inspector and system administrator

User interfaces

  • Web based, multilingual browser access
  • Results by email, PDF
  • Powerful live search engine


  • Instrument interfaces
  • Barcode printing and scanning
  • LDAP authentication support
  • Bulk analysis request imports
  • Templates for sampling rounds, analysis profiles and requests, worksheets and reference specifications
  • Preservation and container automation
  • Configurable calculations and worksheet adjustment factors

Total Quality Management

  • Method, analysis and instrument integrity
  • Reference standards and specifications
  • Instrument calibration certificates, maintenance
  • Product specifications
  • Out of range alerts
  • QC Reports and graphs
  • Logs and audit trails



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