SENAITE Cloud solutions are a suite of programs that wrap SENAITE LIMS Open Source software to become a ready for enterprise LIMS product. These cloud products have no virtual limitations and are addressed to small and medium laboratories. You will not need to deal with installation, backups, server maintenance and configuration.

BASIC Subscription

SENAITE LIMS for small-sized labs with low-demanding needs.

165 EUR
per month billed annually
(170 EUR/mo billed monthly)

What's included

  • All functionalities available
  • Unlimited users
  • Secure infrastructure
  • Secure connection
  • Load balancer
  • Quick deployment

Why BASIC solution?

PLUS Subscription

SENAITE LIMS for small and medium size labs with high-demanding needs.

390 EUR
per month billed annually
(400 EUR/mo billed monthly)

What's included

  • BASIC Subscription features
  • High performance server
  • Fully dedicated connection
  • Backups to remote server
  • Priority support service by email

Why PLUS solution?

PREMIUM Subscription

SENAITE LIMS for labs that need small or complex customizations.

790 EUR
per month billed annually
(810 EUR/mo billed monthly)

What's included

  • PLUS Subscription features
  • Customisations and development
  • Private source code repository
  • 10% discount on upgrades
  • 5% discount on development projects
  • Custom instrument interfaces
  • Custom results reports
  • Custom stickers

Why PREMIUM solution?

Frequently Asked Quesions

Can I change my subscription?

Yes, you can change your subscription if you want to hire a superior package. It is as simple as sending an e-mail to requesting the procedure.

BASIC Subscription benefits and features

Basic subscription offers an economic LIMS solution for laboratories with low volumes of analyses. The laboratory saves installation costs and complex IT infrastructures to host a LIMS and its maintenance.

PLUS Subscription benefits and features

Plus subscription offers all SENAITE functionalities for laboratories with high load of analyses and extensive use of their LIMS software. It is addressed to medium-sized laboratories that need high performance solutions and support to any inconvenience.

PREMIUM Subscription benefits and features

For those laboratories that require a LIMS customized to their needs. Because each laboratory has its own peculiarities, PREMIUM subscription includes customization services to make SENAITE LIMS best suit your lab requirements, saving installation and IT infrastructure costs.