Migrations and updates

The migration of large amounts of historical and complex data is a highly specialized task. If you have not kept your system up-to-date on a regular basis, upgrading it to a recent version might be a challenge. Naralabs can do both things for you, put trust in our experienced team on data migrations and upgrades.

This package is focused on customers that already have Bika or SENAITE installed, either in their own facilities or in our cloud, but want to update the instance to take advantage of the new functionalities the latest version of the system provides.

Upgrading a LIMS/LIS is a critical process. We analyze whether the new system functionalities suit your needs, in addition to making decisions based on the benefits of the new features and costs of amendments.

We are specialists on SENAITE, we keep track and know firsthand new functionalities, improvements and bug fixes covered in every single release. Thus, we are able to elaborate a migration plan and address the migration of your instance to ensure that none of your instance customizations or settings get affected. 

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