About us

Naralabs is a company specializing in Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) and offers professional technology services and engineering, such as consulting, implementation, training, system maintenance and technical support.

Naralabs positions itself as service provider for all of the LIMS related projects life-cycle: consultancy, requirements analysis, design, drafting tender specifications (RFI - Request For Information, RFP - Request For Proposal and RFQ - Request For Quotation), customization and development, project management, quality control, documentation, systems integration, administration, managed services, hosting, training and support.

Naralabs observes, and is committed with, the Professional Open Source (POSS) business model adopted by many successful software organizations. Because of this commitment, we actively participate in the Bika Open Source LIMS project, both in software design and development tasks. We also offer technical support to the community of users and developers.

We've taken part in several excellence programmes, including Google Summer of Code 2015 and Start-Up Catalonia.

Our Mission

Naralabs believes that laboratories, no matter their size or discipline, deserve specific solutions and services towards the improvement of the quality and compliance of regulated processes.

Our mission is to be a LIMS technological and operational partner, by providing a multidisciplinary vision and empowering our clients with the knowledge, skills and tools to improve, optimize and automate their processes. We are confident that encouraging them to have full functional and technical knowledge, will make their systems and processes more reliable, efficient and adaptable to present and future needs.

To accomplish these goals, we are aware of the need to build long term relationships with our clients and provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovation, advanced technology and ethical practices.

It is not enough for code to work.

― Robert C. Martin, Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship

Our Team

Naralabs relies on an experienced and multidisciplinary team, composed by an in-house group of analysts and developers, as well as by external collaborators and advisors specialized in different areas of knowledge.

All of them are passionate, committed and skilled people that work towards to help, accomplish the requirements of the clients and satisfy their expectations.

Our Values

Flexibility - We know that lab needs and requirements continuously evolve. We are committed to keep this in mind and deliver results with the aim to solve long-term problems, but without endanger the ability to change.

Agility - Although we give estimates and project plans for the future, we avoid long term delivery. Regular increments and clients feedback are key elements to avoid missteps. We prioritize development based on Agile methodologies, so that clients participate actively and don't miss a thing, week by week.

Confidence - We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning.

Proximity - We believe the constant communication with our clients and their feedback are key elements to avoid missteps and improve our services, so we provide them with tools to contact and comunicate directly with us (Team Collaboration Tool, ITS, phone, e-mail,...).

Independence - We are not bound neither to economical nor political groups or technology providers, despite our collaboration with Bika LIMS project. Our company is fully funded by the founding partners.

Quality - We are committed to quality, striving for excellence in every project, regardless of size, budget or time line. We follow the recommended guidelines for project management, programming language and frameworks, regulations,… We create a documented history of each project and changes so that future management and maintenance is easier.

Completeness of vision - We can help our clients to define the data model, establish access protocols, develop automated homogenization routines, plan migrations and study integration processes and synchronization of their LIMS with other corporate systems.

Key Processes

Based on our experience in projects development and our deep and specific knowledge about technology, internal processes in the field of laboratories, we've defined a working methodology that facilitates, amongst others, the homogenization, systematization and standarization of the processes throughout a project life cycle.

For management and monitoring, we use a project management methodology based on the guidelines and best practices contained in the guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK).

For implementations, we use a custom methodology, based on Agile methodology principles and SCRUM. The Agile methodology approach with regular deliveries (increments) every 3-4 weeks and periodically feedback from key-personnel work well for both development team and laboratory. This approach also allows the laboratory to actively participate in the implementation, keep track of all the work done between increments and avoid missteps.

Organizations that trust us

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